Pioneer Electronics USA 15x SATA Internal BD/DVD/CD Burner with 4 MB Buffer BDR-208DBK

The BDR-208DBK drive is perfect for system builders, for those looking to upgrade to a fast Blu-ray burner, or for those who already have software.The BDR-208DBK is an internal SATA drive. It can burn up to 15x on BD-R (25GB) media and up to 14x on BD-R dual layer (50GB) media. The drive is also backwards compatible, so it can read and write to most DVD and CD formats.

Faster Burning
World’s first 15x Blu-ray burner! Pioneer can now achieve up to 15x writing on BD-R media and up to 14x on BD-R Dual Layer (DL) discs.

Watch 3D Movies
The drive is 3D capable. All you need is 3D playback software and a 3D display system.

Play Movies Faster
The amount of time between inserting a movie disc, and that disc being ready has been reduced. For movies on DVD and Blu-ray Disc, the disc is ready faster when compared to the previous generation Pioneer drives.

A Quieter Drive with Increased Life Expectancy
The tray cushion and the drive’s top cover have been improved to reduce disc rotation noise. This sound barrier design that traps noise inside the drive, also works to keep dust outside the drive. This makes the drive much more dust resistant than previous models, and drive failure due to dust is practically nonexistent.
Wide Blank Media Support
Pioneer strives to have best in class performance over a wide range of BD, DVD, and CD media. Our chassis’ design maximizes disc stability and write quality by reducing disc warping at high speed caused by disc vibration, especially on the outer areas of the disc.

Author: RipDifferent

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