Macworld reviews Apple’s new iMac Pro: ‘Mac Pro power in the shape of an iMac’

“Four years since Apple last shipped a desktop Mac with the word ‘pro’ in the name, the iMac Pro has arrived,” Jason Snell writes for Macworld. “Holding down the high end of the Mac product line until the day (hopefully in 2018) when a new Mac Pro arrives, the iMac Pro fuses the look of the 27-inch 5K iMac with the priorities of a professional workstation.”

“If you aren’t sure if you need the power of the iMac Pro, you almost certainly don’t,” Snell writes. “If, on the other hand, you are hungry for multi-core performance and a powerful GPU that will let you crank through intense tasks — in video editing, software development, photo and audio processing, science, graphics, and similar applications — this is the new Mac Pro you’ve been looking for, albeit in the shape of an iMac.”

Apple's all new iMac Pro starts at $4999

Apple’s all new iMac Pro starts at $4999

“The iMac Pro is a Mac Pro in the body of a 5K iMac,” Snell writes. “If you’ve been using a 5K iMac but desperately need better performance from software that’s aggressively multithreaded, the iMac Pro will supply that performance.”

Much more, including benchmarks, in the full article – recommendedhere.

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