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Beware of Unauthorized Bait and Switch Sites


You have reached the Official Site of MacTheRipper (MTR). There is no other source for the latest, greatest release of MTR, v5.0. You may have reached other, nonauthorized sites by googling something like "download free mactheripper", complete with stolen MTR4 artwork. You then find yourself at a site which can't deliver anything newer than v2.6.6 (the final free version). When you discover that 2.6.6 has been outdated both by newer mac OSs and further advances in copy protection, you may be ready to get the latest MTR (and not for free). At that point the Unauthorized site will dissuade you from the current MTR ("……too many steps to acquire") and switch you to a ripper which they are selling. This includes disinformation and outright falsehoods.

Bait and Switch, plain and simple.

You have reached the Developer's Authorized Site. There is only one Authorized Site for the latest MTR, only one channel to obtain it. You are now in the Public Area, viewable without a Forum account. Please read the Announcements. Anything else you need to know is in the Topics. When you're ready for the next step you can start here. (Looks familiar, doesn't it.)
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