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Gift Instructions

Postby 2socks » Sun May 09, 2010 9:57 am

If you want to make a Gift, Send an email to geezerbuttz ( to request the Gift details.

    Why call it a Gift instead of a Donation?
      The Word 'Donation' is / has been dropped due to a legal misunderstanding.

      The word 'donation' applies that you are supporting something that is a registered charity.

      We are not a charity and have no registered charity number.
      This was our mistake.

      This has been rectified by the new phrase that now uses the word "GIFT". This is plainly stating that you are sending a gift to aid in development of the application that DOES NOT SUPPORT DRM removal , contains NO CSS code , And In Its delivered form cannot be used for DVD decryption.

At the current time Only PayPal can be accepted or used for payment.

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