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Registration & Activation Instructions

Postby 2socks » Sun May 09, 2010 9:59 am

You will need to do a 2 simple things, REGISTER and ACTIVATE:

REGISTER using the same user name you use at Ripdifferent (if applicable).
The MTR5 forum is a totally separate forum from Ripdifferent so EVERYONE must REGISTER.
Membership with Ripdifferent does not automatically guarantee membership with MTR4.

• You will receive an automated email from the MTR 5 forum "Welcoming" you.

ACTIVATE your account within 7 days by REPLYING to our "Welcoming" email, attach a copy of your MTR license, put your username in the subject line and click SEND. This step from you is what triggers activation and the subsequent 2nd email that is mentioned in the initial "Welcoming" email.

• We will receive your reply, verify your license and activate your account.

I don't have a license but I have sent a gift previously. What do I do?
• In lieu of the absence of a license you can attach either an email from PayPal or Geezerbuttz showing the proof of support or a screen grab of your PayPal history page referencing the payment(s) made.

No exceptions - Just sending your PayPal transaction number will not suffice.

N.B. As of 9/1/2013, 3.x users will no longer receive a discount in up-grading to v5. Proof of Support documents earlier than 12/9/09 (the release of MTR4.0.0) are no longer considered as prior support, either for obtaining MTR5 or activating a Forum account. The MTR4 Forum is for current MTR5 and 4 users. It is not for users of an earlier version who may have supported MTR four or more years ago, but are still using the earlier version.

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